Call for Interfaith Day of Prayer in support of
Standing Rock Water Protectors - December 4th


Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle, has called on all faith traditions and persons of spiritual practice to join him in a Day of Prayer at the Standing Rock Camp in North Dakota.  This Day is dedicated in support of all those Water Protectors at the Camp, and around the world, who are working to protect the Sacred.  Thirty faith traditions, including several Plum Village practitioners have committed to be there.  Those who cannot travel to the Camp are asked to pray and fast on December 4th in solidarity. 

Read the full invitation from the Earth Holder Sangha here

How To Support This Call to Action

Numerous opportunities exist to support those at the Sacred Stones Camp, including dana donations, and other physical support needsespecially with winter coming in.  You can learn more also about the situation, and how to help by signing the Buddhist Statement of Support for the Standing Rock Action, jointly created by the Earth Holder Sangha and the One Earth Sangha. 

" We, the Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, have no choice but to follow and uphold the Original Instructions, which sustains the continuity of Life. We recognize our umbilical connection to Mother Earth and understand that she is the source of life, not a resource to be exploited. We speak on behalf of all Creation today, to communicate an urgent message that man has gone too far, placing us in the state of survival. Not heeding warnings from both Nature and the People of the Earth keeps us on the path of self-destruction. These self-destructive activities and development continue to cause the deterioration and destruction of sacred places and sacred waters that are vital for Life."   Chief Arvol Looking Horse.