Come for the Day

Enjoy a day of mindfulness and peace.

Most Thursdays and Sundays Blue Cliff welcomes visitors to practice with us for a Day of Mindfulness.

This day is open to everyone.  

Donations are welcome and help make these days possible. We request a $10-$20 donation per person for those who are able. Donation boxes can be found in the rear of the dining halls and in the rear of the big meditation hall.

Please check the Schedule of Events page or our Calendar to confirm a date. Please check again the day you come, before you get into your vehicle and make a long trip here. Our schedule sometimes changes. We look forward to seeing you here!

Typical Schedule (please note that the specific times may change.) Please check back to the Schedule of Events page for updates in our schedule. We will post changes as they are made.

          09:30 am -   DVD Dharma Talk
          11:30 am -    Walking Meditation
          12:30 pm -    Mindful Lunch
          01:30 pm -    Bookshop opens
          03:30 pm -   Activity (Dharma-sharing/outing/workshop/Q&A Panel)

          09:30 am -  Live Dharma Talk
         11:00 am -  Walking Meditation
          12:00 pm  -  Dharma-sharing or
                                       First Sunday of the month-Five Mindfulness Trainings Ceremony
Third Sunday of the month-Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings Ceremony
          01:00 pm - Lunch
          01:45 pm - Bookshop opens  

For descriptions of the practices above, see our Be Mindful in Daily Life page. 

Registration is not required for a Day of Mindfulness, but please contact us in advance if you are planning to come with a group of more than ten people. 

There is no fee for taking part in a Day of Mindfulness, but we request a donation of $10 to $20 per person, for those who are able. Donations are our main source of support, so every offering is greatly appreciated. Your contribution can help us us to keep the monastery open all year. You can make your offering in any of the donation boxes in the Great Togetherness Meditation Hall or the dining halls.

Children's Program 
On the first Sunday of each month, there is a children's program for children ages 6-12, including games, art, meditation, nature walks, and singing. The program takes place during the Dharma talk and recitation ceremony for adults so that parents may fully benefit from these sessions. Children are invited to join their parents or guardians for walking meditation and our mindful lunch.

Individual Needs
Blue Cliff is deeply committed to inclusiveness.  If you have any particular need for assistance, please contact us so we can offer you as much support as possible.  All meals are vegan.  We are also a small community and not able to cater to numerous needs at once.  There is generally a variety of options available at mealtime, but feel free to bring supplementary food for yourself if you have a particular dietary need.

What to Wear
Please wear loose, casual, and comfortable clothing suitable for a monastery environment and for sitting meditation -  shirts covering shoulders, back, and midriff, and shorts/skirts/pants at least to the knee, covering leggings. Please bring weather-appropriate clothing and shoes suitable for walking on nature trails so you can fully enjoy the outdoor walking meditation with the community. Please avoid wearing perfumes or other products that may affect those who are sensitive or allergic to scents.

In the spring, summer, and fall, Blue Cliff is home to deer ticks which do carry Lyme Disease. It is easy to protect yourself if you take a few simple precautions--most importantly, thoroughly checking yourself and your children for ticks each day. Please follow the link to learn more.