Register for a Retreat

Before registering, please click on this link: About Our Retreatswhere you will find details on when to arrive, what to bring, and much more. You must verify that you have read and understand the terms on the 'About our Retreats' page before you will be able to register.

Is this your first visit? For Seasonal (previously Personal) Retreats, please arrive on a Friday in time for 5:30 pm dinner and 7:30 pm orientation. Please understand that we cannot accommodate late arrivals. (You may need to schedule to take off work, or to work only half a day on Friday, in order to be with us on time.)

Please register in advance. We ask that you register at least by Monday for arrival in the week following that Monday to help with planning and preparation for your visit. You may not be allowed to stay if you arrive without having registered in advance.

Only if you have stayed at the monastery before: you may register to arrive on a Thursday, or Wednesday (for personal retreats).  For people coming for the weekend, please note that our scheduled day on Sunday ends after our 1:00 pm lunch. Mondays are days of rest for the residents of Blue Cliff.  Holiday weekends often include a Monday. We ask that you support the monastics and long-term residents by not scheduling departure on a Monday for a Personal Retreat weekend.

Base sliding Scale Price (per person per night)
Adult Senior (65 and up) Student (18-27)/
(under 6)
Dorm $60-$110 $80-$40 $80-$40 $40-$35 $30-$25 free
Camping $80-$40
Commuting $80-$40



Seasonal (previously Personal) Retreats 

Blue Cliff is open for seasonal retreats almost every week of the year for those who wish to practice with us in the community schedule. We are open to individuals, couples, families, and small groups.  (If your group is larger than eight, please contact our registration office to plan for a Group Retreat.)   We are open for fall Seasonal Retreats beginning Oct 4, 2019. There is no availability for a Seasonal Retreat Oct 11-13 and Dec 28-Jan 1. Please visit our Schedule of Events page on our website for more information on our schedule.

If this is your first time here, you must plan to arrive on a Friday. We prefer all visitors to arrive Friday. (If you have been here before, and cannot come on Friday, please select a Wednesday, or Thursday, as an arrival day.)  Departure for weekend visits is on Sunday after our 1 pm lunch.

We accept overnight guests on seasonal retreat for our day of mindfulness on Thanksgiving, November 28th. We will update information on availability for the holidays on the Schedule of Events page of our website.

Themed Retreats

We offer themed retreat throughout the year. These are listed on our schedule of events page.

Group Registration (A)
This special registration is for groups of 8 or more people.  Please contact the Registrar before using this registration unless you have a group organizer who has directed you to register under this link.

Group Registration for CUNY Law School alumni
This special registration is a group registration for CUNY Law School alumni for their annual retreat.  Please contact the Registrar before using this registration unless you have been directed to register under this link. CUNY law students and alumni coming at other times during the year are asked to register for a Seasonal Retreat.

Monastic or Family of a Monastic
If you are a monastic or a family of a monastic, please register for your Personal Retreat here.

Mindful Living Exchange Program
This registration is for those who have been accepted into our Residential programs.