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Retreat for People of Color


People of Color Retreat

Our special retreat for people and families of color is open to people of Native American, African, Latina/o, Asian, Pacific Islander, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern ancestry.  We come together in a safe and joyful environment to find fellowship, to stop, rest, look deeply, and listen to our bodies and minds--and to each other.

Mindfulness is a practice that helps us to truly be awake to the wonders of life within us and around us. It also teaches us concrete ways to embrace and take care of our difficulties and suffering in order to open the path of healing and transformation.

Join us in a safe, open, and loving community of mindfulness practitioners of color as we learn how to take deep care of ourselves, each other, and our communities through mindfulness practices, including walking meditation, eating meditation, sitting meditation, loving speech, deep listening, touching the earth, deep relaxation, ceremonies and celebration, quietude and reflection.

This retreat is open for both new and experienced mindfulness practitioners of color. 

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