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Holiday Retreat

The Earth turns. The seasons change. Time is not bound in any framework, yet, still we have deep gratitude to our ancestors who framed time in days, months, and years so that, now, we have an opportunity at the end of each year to look back at the things that we have done or have not yet done, at the streams of mind, body and events that have shaped our being and our relationships.

This Holiday Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for ourselves and our loved ones to practice deep and honest reflection, generating peace and quieting the mind so that we may bring into light what is good, true, and beautiful in us.

May we and all beings let go of the burdens we carry.
May we and all beings live light and free.

As our annual Holiday Retreat continues to grow in families and friends, we also offer a children's program for our young ones to share in the practice of and having fun. Join us!

If it is not possible for you for you to arrive on Wednesday, you may wish to consider coming for a Personal Retreat where there are more options for arrival and departure dates.

Limited partial scholarships are available. The scholarship application can be found on the registration form.

Register now for the Holiday Retreat at Blue Cliff!

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