The Mindfulness Bell, Summer 2019, is guest edited by Dharma teacher Mitchell Ratner, this issue shares the fruits of our practice with three of the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings.

  • True Transmission: In a Dharma talk, Thich Nhat Hanh teaches us about the teacher-disciple relationship, mindfulness practice as a path of freedom from afflictions, and what it means to be an Order of Interbeing member and a Sangha builder. (Click here for full Dharma talk)

  • Awareness of Suffering: Practitioners recall their service in places of great suffering—the aftermath of a typhoon, a family violence hotline, reliving of childhood trauma, a harrowing bus ride—and how they found balance, healing, and forgiveness in the middle of trouble.

  • Dwelling Happily in the Present Moment: We learn how people have practiced the art of mindful living during a transformative journey with stage 4 cancer, breadmaking, and joyful drumming and singing.

  • True Love: Dharma teacher Leslie Rawls invites us to engage in conscious, mindful practices to cultivate healthy intimacy and true love; practitioners reflect on challenges of casual sexual relationships, conscious sexuality as a spiritual practice, and silence as a nurturing ingredient in a marriage.