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We are happy to announce our Summer Family Retreat STAFF program and our English Mini-Tour Retreat STAFF program. We are looking for staff to help before, and during the Summer Family Retreat to be held Jul 10-14. We are also seeking help before and during our English Mini-Tour Retreat, Aug 14-18.
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MorningSun, a Mindfulness Center in the Plum Village Tradition, presents a Mindfulness & Educators Retreat, Jun 26-30.
They are located at 655 Gilsum Mine Road, Alstead, NH
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We offer retreats, days of mindfulness, and special events throughout the year. 
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The opportunity to nurture and grow in community is right here in the present moment.
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Latest Dharma Talk

Questions & Answers Sessions with Brothers Chinh Quang, Phap Ly & Sisters The Nghiem, Lan Nghiem - on Sunday, March 10, 2019.

My Master’s Robe

This is a story that Thay has told of during his times in Tu Hieu Temple, Vietnam, where he practiced as a novice monk.

We’ve just had a celebration of Master Thanh Qui, Thay’s teacher, on Thursday, March 15, 2019.

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