“I have the impression that many of us are afraid of silence.

We’re always taking in something – text, music, radio, television, or thoughts – to occupy the space.

If quiet and space are so important for our happiness, why don’t we make more room for them in our lives?”

- Thich Nhat Hanh -

We offer retreats, days of mindfulness, and special events throughout the year. 
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The opportunity to nurture and grow in community is right here in the present moment.
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Latest Dharma Talk

Dharma Talk on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

The Great Discovery of the Buddha - Brother Phap The (Br. Promise)

Christmas Eve Celebration

You are warmly invited to join us for the Christmas Eve.

It is a time to truly "come home", to enjoy a strong energy of togetherness as a spiritual family. We continue our daily practice of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating and mindful working with joyful.

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