August 31-September 5: Miracle of Mindfulness Retreat 


A sangha of 75 monastics from Plum Village, Blue Cliff, Magnolia Grove, and Deer Park Monasteries will come together to host this retreat and other events during this US Tour without the physical presence of our beloved Teacher, Thay Thich Nhat Hanh. However, his spiritual presence is still very much with us.  Please join the monastics and lay practitioners at Blue Cliff to manifest healing, nourishment, and peace together as a spiritual family.

As we train ourselves to be more deeply in touch with our breath and body, our feelings and thoughts, we will quite naturally experience for ourselves the healing and well-being that come with mindful living. Cultivating this practice together in all of our daily activities, we concretely contribute to peace and healing in the world. Whether you are young or old, new or more experienced in the practice of mindfulness, we welcome you to join this retreat. Families with children and teens are also warmly welcomed. More details can be found on our BCM Tour Retreat Info Sheet as well as info on our Opportunities to Volunteer Sheet.

Please choose the housing type for which you would like to register:

We have only a few rooms at Blue Cliff reserved for families (with children). There are additional rooms for families at Honors Haven. (Couples may camp, reserve a room at Honor's Haven, or register individually in dorms.)

We have reserved double-occupancy rooms at Honor's Haven Resort, near Blue Cliff. These will be (a) shared by gender or (b) reserved as a family or couple. Transportation will be provided to and from the monastery.

Our dorms have five to eight beds (mostly bunks) with private bathrooms in most rooms. Our sleeping arrangements are gendered. If the options offered here are not comfortable for you, please contact the registration office and we can arrange other accommodations.



There are separate camping areas reserved for families, couples, men, and women. Bathroom blocks with showers are available. You must provide all of your own camping equipment.