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Day of Mindfulness

Day of Mindfulness and Winter Retreat opening ceremony.  Please check back again for the schedule on this day.

Jan 1

Holiday Retreat

The Earth turns. The seasons change. Time is not bound in any framework, yet, still we have deep gratitude to our ancestors who framed time in days, months, and years so that, now, we have an opportunity at the end of each year to look bakc: at the things that we have done or have not yet done, at the streams of mind, body and events that have shaped our being and our relationships.

This Holiday Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for ourselves and our loved ones to practice deep and honest reflection, generating peace and quieting the mind so that we may bring into light what is good, true, and beautiful in us.

May we and all beings let go of the burdens we carry.
May we and all beings live light and free.

As our annual Holiday Retreat continues to grow in families and friends, we also offer a children's program for our young ones to share in the practice of and having fun. Join us!

Retreat costs are for the entire retreat and include all meals:
Employed Adults:                                                                 $440-$240 sliding scale
Students (18-27)/Seniors (over 65)/Unemployed:              $320-$160  sliding scale
Commuter:                                                                            $320-$160  sliding scale
Teen (13-17):                                                                           $160-$140 sliding scale
Child (6-12):                                                                           $120-$100 sliding scale

Limited partial scholarships are available. The scholarship application can be found on the registration form.

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Sep 25

the heART of healing: a mindful way to creative expression

At this retreat--for artists and non-artists of all kinds, including musicians, poets, writers, painters, graphic artists, filmmakers, movements artists, amateurs and professionals alike--we will dive into the creativity of the heart.  Through basic mindfulness practices, Buddhist teachings, and themed workshops, we will get in touch with the source of healing that lies within. We will learn to recognize the creative flow already in us. From there we will be able to express what is alive in us and create from a place of presence.

Please bring any art supplies or creative instruments you would like to use during this retreat, including sculpture, land art, painting, writing, and music.

Retreat costs are for the entire retreat and include all meals:

Employed adults:                                                             $400-$240 sliding scale*
Students (18-27), Seniors (over 65)/Unemployed:          $320-$160 sliding scale*
Camping:                                                                           $320-$160 sliding scale*
Commuter:                                                                         $320-$160 sliding scale*

*The top end of the sliding scale covers all retreat costs. For those unable to meet these costs, we invite you to offer any amount between this and the bottom end of the sliding scale.

Scholarships are available for the Creative Arts Retreat.  Please check the scholarship box in the registration link below.

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Day of Mindfulness

As this day coincides with the last day of our Mindfulness and Health Retreat, we will not be offering a Children's Program or Five Mindfulness Trainings recitation ceremony.  Day-visitors are invited to enjoy our Dharma Discussion activity after the Dharma talk, in lieu of the ceremony.

Please see our Come for the Day page for details.

Sep 4

Health Retreat

Mindfulness and Health Retreat

This retreat is a continuation of last year's retreat for health professionals. However, we now open it to everyone with an interest in health and mindfulness practice. The monks and nuns will offer mindfulness tools such as walking meditation, sitting meditation, touching the earth, and deep relaxation to foster deep healing and true happiness. 

The emphasis will be placed on bodily awareness and self care through exercising, simple and healthy eating and exploring natural healing modalities.

This retreat is open for both new and experienced mindfulness practitioners.

Register now for the Mindfulness and Health Retreat!

Due to limited funds and the large volume of requests received, we are closing scholarship applications. If you would like to be on a scholarship waiting list, please email


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Day of Mindfulness

Please see our Come for the Day page for details.  This Sunday will be the final day of the Vietnamese Retreat.  The dharma talk will be in Vietnamese with English translation available.

Aug 21

Khoá Tu Tiếng Việt

Trong những bôn ba, toan lo cho cuộc sống thường nhật, lắm khi chúng ta đánh mất chính ta, mất đi niềm vui sống, sự an lạc, thảnh thơi. Dù vậy, vẫn còn biết bao điều kiện hạnh phúc luôn có mặt đó. Chỉ cần dừng lại một phút giây thôi để nhận thấy những người thương chúng ta đang còn có đó, những mầu nhiệm của sự sống đang dàn trãi xung quanh ta. Trong khoá tu này, quý vị sẽ có cơ hội cùng tu tập với tăng thân những pháp môn như thiền hành, thiền toạ, ăn cơm trong chánh niệm, thiền làm việc, thiền buông thư, thiền lạy, tụng kinh,... Đặc biệt trong khoá tu này có tổ chức lễ "Bông Hồng Cài Áo" cho mùa Vu Lan báo hiếu công ơn Cha Mẹ sinh thành. Những pháp môn thực tập này giúp chúng ta nuôi lớn hạnh phúc và bình an trong mỗi tâm hồn.

Xin mời quý vị hãy sắp xếp thời gian để về Tu Viện Bích Nham cùng tu học và sinh hoạt với quý Thầy và quý Sư Cô. Tu Viện xin đón mừng đồng bào người Việt khắp nơi và mọi lứa tuổi. (Các em thiếu niên và thiếu nhi sẽ có chương trình sinh hoạt riêng).

Ghi danh cho Khoá Tu Tiếng Việt. (Xin nhấp chuột vào đây).

Jul 31

Happy Educators Change the World-Educator's Retreat 2016


Join Blue Cliff monastics and senior lay teachers from the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh for this special retreat that brings together teachers, administrators, social workers and others in the field of education. The retreat will help participants cultivate their own personal mindfulness practice and develop the language and skills needed to bring the practice back to the communities they serve. They will also learn effective methods to enhance focus, attention, and concentration inside and outside the classroom. 

Learn and explore mindfulness practices including:
- Sitting meditation
- Mindful eating
- Walking meditation
- Deep relaxation
- Circle sharing
- Loving speech & deep listening
- Beginning anew (conflict resolution)

Register now for the Educators' Retreat!

There is dorm space available. There are no single or double rooms available as of Jul 2. We have scholarships available thanks to a grant from the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation.  Please check the scholarship box in the registration form if you wish financial help.