Awakening Together - 2017 US Tour

Retreat August 23-27: Together We Are One

Every two years we host this very special event established by our teacher, Thay Thich Nhat Hanh. As in our previous tour, Thay will not be able to attend due to health limitations. However, his spirit is very much a part of this retreat and is embodied in the Sangha of 60 monastics from Plum Village, Blue Cliff, Magnolia Grove, and Deer Park Monasteries who will come together for the Tour. Please join us to manifest healing, nourishment, and peace together as a spiritual family.

Given the current challenges we face as a society, we know how important it is to stay solid and connected to each other. As we train ourselves to be more deeply in touch with our breath, body, feelings, and thoughts, we will quite naturally experience for ourselves the wonderful refreshing and healing elements that come from mindful living. Cultivating mindfulness in all of our daily activities, we concretely contribute to wellbeing and transformation in ourselves and in the world. We grow in our capacity to respond to life in ways that bring peace and healing. Whether you are young or old, new to or more experienced in the practice of mindfulness, we welcome you to join us for this retreat. Families with children and teens are warmly welcomed.

Before registering, please read the BCM Tour Retreat Info Sheet as well as info on our Opportunities to Volunteer Sheet.